Patty Bellando's Boutique of Natural Wellness |2956 Roosevelt St 3CarlsbadCA92008 | (760) 487-8322
Patty Bellando's Boutique of Natural Wellness
2956 Roosevelt St 3
CarlsbadCA 92008
 (760) 487-8322
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Patty Bellando's Boutique of Natural Wellness

The human body contains many mysteries, not the least of which are the paths to better health and wellness. While modern medicine has made significant strides in healing our bodies, we know that there can be more to complete healing than just the reparation of the physical. At Patty Bellando's Boutique of Natural Wellness, we practice healing through Shamanic Energy Medicine, removing stress and pain from past traumas, anxiety, feelings of being stuck, and repeating habit patterns. If you need a change in your life and want to experience freedom, contact our wellness boutique in Carlsbad, CA today.
"I grew up a California farm girl in a rural area near Fresno, California. Still a farm girl at heart, I love interacting with mother earth (Pachamama), people, plants, and animals. From a very young age, my love for exploring the many wisdoms of life has led me to the founding of Bellandos Boutique of Natural Wellness. Guided by Divine Spirit, Angels, and the beautiful lineage of my shamanic practice, I am excited to share the healing practices of ancient wisdoms" -Patty Bellando.

Energetic Medicine Sessions

Find the healing and freedom you desire with one-on-one sessions with Patty Bellando. Patty will assist you in clearing your energetic field of the heavy energies that accumulate from stress and trauma, utilizing shamanic tools that clear old energies and patterns. This makes room for a shift in your energetic field that allows you to connect more freely with your best self. You’ll be amazed by how much better you feel and how much freer you are to live the life you want to live.

In addition to private sessions, we offer group classes. Each class is designed to show you the meditation, breathing, and stress-reducing techniques that you can practice to help you. Whether in a one-on-one or group setting, medication will change your life!

Energetic Sessions May Include:

  • Illumination
  • Energy Extraction
  • Soul Retrieval
  • Ancestral Healing
  • Mapping Your Highest Destiny
  • Intuitive Wellness
We also offer meditation training and have a gift shop that provides all the tools you need in your meditation practice!

Find Healing Today

If you’re ready to find a freer, more healthy life, contact Patty Bellando today. You can fill out our form, or call (760) 487-8322 to schedule a session or request more information. Sessions are also available via Skype or Facetime!
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Business Hours:

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